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If you're going through a hard time, you don't have to do it alone. Massoth Counseling offers professional counseling services in a visually stimulating environment, making you feel both comfortable and energized. All of our counselor's practices are grounded in psychology and social work theories. He believes in a humanistic approach to therapy, building on the concept that all individuals are capable of positive growth, no matter what type of challenges they may be facing.

If you'd like to speak with our marriage counselor in Nampa, ID, call 208-899-8060 today. We offer two-hour sessions for just $150.


Everyone struggles as they navigate adolescence. Speaking with a teen counselor can help your child work through this challenging time.

Adults & Seniors

We offer adult counseling services because we truly believe that everyone can benefit from talking to a counselor.

Family & Marriage

Communication is key for all types of relationships. Marriage and family counseling will help you learn better communication techniques so you can work through any differences in your household.


At Massoth Counseling, you can speak with a specialized addiction counselor to learn new techniques to combat powerful addictive behaviors.

A safe and comfortable environment for your sessions

Our team is made up of our marriage counselor, Louis Massoth, LCSW and his wife of 21+ years, Krista. We share a commitment to providing a serene atmosphere where all clients feel welcome and comfortable.

At Massoth Counseling, we have...

Three therapy rooms designed to both ease and inspire you

A team approach focused on your individual therapy goals

A welcoming team that will make you feel comfortable

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